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This law provides standards for the protection of consumers, including tenants and prospective tenants of residential property.
You can use this list of questions to check an apartment before you move in.
One of the facts of life in a rental situation is that there is no substitute for a good landlord or a good tenant. Laws can define the relationship and the responsibilities of each party but there are always situations that are best resolved by being decent, courteous and fair.
You have a right to carefully inspect an apartment or house before you put a deposit on it and especially before you sign a lease.
This article describes the reasons to and how to get renter's insurance.
Landlords must assure that tenants get possession of the premises, but retain a right to enter the premises for reasonable purposes.
Sharing an apartment with a friend or an acquaintance can be fun and economically worthwhile. Such sharing can also create some interesting problems.
A sublease is an agreement in which the original tenant leases to a subtenant all or part of the rented premises for all or part of the remainder of the original tenant's term.
The tax relief provided by this law is based on a calculation that includes your total income and the actual amount paid as occupancy rent.