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Getting help from a professional can make a major problem or question much easier.  Many organizations in Maryland provide legal and non-legal free, low-cost, and fee-based services.
This article addresses levels of representation, questions you should ask before meeting with a lawyer, interviewing a lawyer, what to look for during the interview, and what to ask about services.
When you hire a private attorney, choose what kind of relationship you will have with your attorney.
Limited scope representation is when you and your attorney agree that the attorney will provide some, but not all, of the work involved in your legal matter. You are still responsible for completing all of the tasks that the attorney did not agree to provide.  Limited scope representation is also called “unbundling” or “discrete task representation.”
Fees are often of primary importance to clients and lawyers but are one of the least discussed parts of any legal case. Frequently, fees are not discussed early enough, candidly enough, or in enough detail because the discussion can be uncomfortable.